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We wanted to paint a tomorrow so bright and perfect.

1 April
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what you've been waiting for
Trinh. 1991年4月01日. 166cm. EHS senior; class of 2009. IB diploma candidate. ルキ-lovin'. ♬ whore. Graphic designer. Has eclectic taste in music. Mild JE fan. Curses too much. Obsessive. Easily distracted. Visual learner. Prone to change. Cautious. Japanophile. Introverted. Critical. Perfectionist. Overachiever. Mildly perverted. Easily irritated. Enjoys privacy.

J'ADORE ルキ, Die, sleep, friends, 櫻井翔, music, たか, Facebook, red, 山下智久, road trips, 日本, shopping, rain, hoodies, Starbucks, winter, 嵐の宿題くん, sunglasses, late-night phone calls, 花より男子
JE DETESTE rap, country music, stupid people, majority of Gazette fans, smoking, waking up, otaku, children, homework, flying, yaoi, failure, yellow, ignorance
take me far, take me faraway
12012, アリス九號., 嵐, As I Lay Dying, Atreyu, The Audition, 비, Bleed the Dream, deathgaze, D'espairsRay, Dir en grey, 동방신기, Fair to Midland, the GazettE, ギルガメッシュ, 蜉蝣, Kagrra,, 華族, THE KIDDIE, lynch., MaveRick, ムック, NEWS, ナイトメア, Paramore, RENTRER EN SOI, サディ, SCREW, So They Say, SuG, 東方神起, Underoath, UnsraW, The Used, ヴィドール, xTRiPx, Yellowcard, YUI

2/19/07 Dir en grey in Dallas, TX
6/20/07 Dir en grey in Wichita, KS
it's a laughable love situation
Currently, these are the six most influential parts of my life. Though I may not love them equally, these men serve as six different pillars of support. I can't thank any of them enough for ever setting foot into my life. ♥

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